You think maybe these long lay-offs aren't working so well for the top guns? You think Murray needs a coach? The Brad Gilbert-Kei Nishikori union isn't working quite right, (although Kei came into year ranked at No. 83 and now he's No. 48, but it never seems he performs well in the big show), maybe Brad and Andy can man-up and get back together. The Ivan Lendl-Murray union never developed. What's the big trend now with coaches getting fired and being replaced by fitness trainers? Anyhoo, Murray looked clueless in his loss to Kevin Anderson. How is this guy only ranked #35? He moves better than Isner, has a better backhand and his serve while not as formidable is close. He's only 25 and that's looking young these days on the tour.Last night, Nadal went down to Ivan Dodig, No. 41. This has to be Nadal's worst loss of his career. Dodig played well at a Wimbledon warmup event this year, but besides that he's strictly a clay court drub. The guy has won a total of--get this--one match in three slams this year. But he played inspired against Rafa and Rafa opened the door by serving a little over 50% on his first serve the entire night and letting Dodig believe after a 1-6 first set. Rafa should watch more of Djokovic's matches. Firstly, he should learn how Djoko doesn't sweat so much. Rafa is looking like the Patrick Ewing of tennis when it comes to dripping during matches. Djoko was down 4-1 to Davydenko in the first set, but then came back to crush the Russian, giving up one game in the second set. The idea that Nadal could beat Djoko at the Open seems slimmer than Davydenko's hairline. Unless Djoko was taken to the cleaners the way Federer wore Djoko out last year in the semis before he faced Nadal, I think Rafa knows he's up the proverbial creek without a paddle when it comes to the Open. So who can beat Djoko?? Nobody, that's the best answer. Federer looked pedestrian against a young, unknown Canadian (and for you people out there who said about Raonic, "Oh, it's only a hip injury. He'll be back in a few months." Guess again, the 20-year-old is not playing Montreal and for a guy with suspect wheels in the first place, having a bad hip isn't a good way to quicken your first step to the ball. A hip injury is never just a hip injury for a tennis player. I know I got one and it's serious stuff.)Mardy Mardy Fish looked good taking out his Davis Cup nemesis, Feliciano Lopez in straights, last night. Fish has one of the most beautiful serves I've seen this side of Federer. I won't compare it to Sampras'. That's never fair. Fish's delivery is so fluid, big and well-placed, but that forehand of Fish's is just too prone to breaking down so he can't be taken seriously. And after the top 3, realistically there's only two other men who can pull a big upset and bag Djoko at the Open--and that would be Tsonga and Del Potro. They are the wild cards with a very little Berdych on the side. Otherwise, Djoko is in like flint to win his third major of the year. There aren't any Miroslav Mecir's or Cedric Pioline's out there to sneak and shock into an Open final with the Djoko. The men's field is very top-heavy even with Murray and Nadal going down early in Montreal. The Djoko is so good that he actually starts grinning like a Cheshire cat out on the court when he hits some sick shot that no one else in the world can hit. He made Davydenko look like an amateur. Good question last night posed during Nadal match on Tennis Channel (try to answer it without cheating and looking at ranking sheet). Who are the seven lefty men in the Top 50? I have to admit, I could only think of five. First one to answer it correctly gets signed copy of "Break Point" and the best tennis book ever written, "A Terrible Splendor." And no, Donald Young is not one of them.