935486_10151603243884941_1892679018_nIn a press conference today, apparently the first question to the fake Fed, RF was asked that when he sits down with his grandchildren 30 or 40 years from now, will he feel remiss if he can't tell the RF little tyke descendents that he beat Rafael Nadal at the French. And without blinking an eye or even standing up in front of his questioner and saying, "Do you know who you're asking this question of!?" Fed said something to the effect of "No, because I've already won the French."Is that the biggest bunch of bully you've ever heard? Come on, Fed, you got a free pass in winning the French. Would John McEnroe have been Johnny Mac if he didn't at first come within an eyelash of winning Wimbledon at 22 against the master of the grass at that time, Bjorn Borg, and then beat Borg the following year? No way, that's why he's John McEnroe. He took down the champ something Connors couldn't do. Fed won the 2009 RG beating Haas, Monfils, Del Po and Soderling. Nice, but not epic by any stretch. He didn't have to beat a top 4 player to win the French. He only beat the No. 10 and No. 5 ranked players. That's not like taking down Borg at Wimbledon or Nadal at the French. Roger, you want to cement your place as the GOAT, beat Nadal at the French and then win the tournament. Roger is just not in touch with reality or he's in denial.