When he first came onto the ATP Tour, Donald Young said that Roger Federer welcomed him by saying, “Federer came up to me actually, in the locker room, gave me a handshake and said ‘Hello, keep up the good work.’"Now, Young is in a far different realm - he's desperately trying to save his plummeting ranking and regain the form which saw him ascend into the top 50 last year. Young has won only three Tour matches all year and though he showed flashes of brilliance last night on Ashe Stadium, he was thoroughly dominated by the world #1. Young will drop out of the top 100 and later this year if he does not protect his finalist points from Thailand last year, he could drop a lot further. Which means Team Young, comprised of mom and coach Roger Smith, will be resigned once again to the Challenger circuit.After the straight set match completed last night, Federer told ESPN2's Darren Cahill that while he sees potential in Young, there are also areas of weakness."He's a great player, he showed that tonight," said Federer. "I guess it's a matter of working hard and getting the right advice, proper coaching, it's not always about center court. There's no way past hard work and grinding it out. He has to have the right mindset. He's got a great game. He's already been to the top 40. Hopefully he can make another run and get to the top 20."During the telecast, John McEnroe, Cahill and Patrick McEnroe spoke about Young's plight."John McEnroe: "It's sad...he's a shell of himself. The hands have always been there for him. He's got to believe in himself."Patrick McEnroe: "We all want to see him do well."Darren Cahill: "I think he needs to try to do some damage with the forehand."John McEnroe: "He needs to strengthen those legs."Patrick McEnroe: "In the last few years he has not been doing the extensive physical work...That kind of shot, where if you have the leg strength, you can make more of those shots."Patrick McEnroe noted that Roger Smith told him that Young has begun to work harder on his fitness and conditioning. While that may be so, there's no guarantee that a Lendl-like workload will be the remedy to overcome the damage of lost confidence from a dreadful season of constant losing. Young's career hangs in the balance now. His back is pinned against the wall. He is wounded and staggered, with blood streaming down his face. He has to dig in right now and fight harder than he's ever fought before. Or the game could be over sooner than anyone could have imagined.