That was the question posed to Andy as he stepped off the practice court only a couple of hours before his first match of the Rogers Cup with Flavio Cippola. "No, I didn't," is all Murray said. But he was all smiles as he practiced 1 against 2 with his regular partner, the guy who looks like a miniature Tommy Haas, and Ross Hutchins, the doubles player. I thought Lendl was going to get out there and hit, too (and he did step in later to play a little doubles game with Hutchins, mini-Tommy Haas and Fleming, Hutchins's partner), but he just hovered around Andy as he practiced. I love Lendl, even as he's gotten a little portly. As Harvey Araton of The Times just said to me (I know, I'm a terrible name-dropper), Lendl has added a certain no-nonsense, seriousness to Andy's game and practice sessions. He doesn't say much as far as I can see when Andy is teeing up his shots, but there is a stature that Lendl brings, and one needs to show deference to his greatness and his wit. I sidled up to Ivan after Murray's practice, when he was still gathering balls for Hutchins and Fleming and told him I met him last year at his match against Mac at the Garden and we talked a little bit back then about him writing a book, and I said, "You interested now?" Ivan quipped, "Not by a long chance." But in a nice way.Djokovic practiced before Murray with Dusan Vemic, one of my favorite challenger players of all time, who once played Spadea in the semis, I believe, of Newport and drove Vince half-crazy with his slices, dinks and funky game. Dusan's cut off his pony-tail and toned down his character. He obviously doesn't have the game that Djokovic has and Djoko let him know it a couple of times, once nearly falling over showing Vemic how he looked when missing a shot, and a couple of times glaring back at him (alright, I'll say he glared playfully for those of you out there who are still angry for Dark Prince moniker) after hitting a big winner, as if to say, "Don't give me that weak s__t!"Tsonga walked behind Djoko's court and the two guys didn't say hello or even give each other a nod. When Murray and his team came out, Djoko said hello to the team, but when Murray walked by, at first, neither guy even looked at each other, but then as Murray put down his bag, they seemed to say a little this and that. Quite a contrast to what happened when Lacko and Chuidinelli came on the next court earlier in the practice and Djoko greeted them warmly. There's definitely a tension, as I read it, between the top guys, or at least, a "keep your distance" wariness.I can't write more about my Djoko connections and findings yet because I've got to write a feature for and a magazine article for Tennis Australia. As I write this, Gasquet, Tsonga are playing and soon the real Tommy Haas and Gilles Simon will be out on the court. I don't think I can resist a Haas-Simon match. This could send Tommy into a real boiler and you people out there know, that that's what I like to see more than anything else in a good tennis match. Later, there's a Kei-Q-ball match and then the one I have to cover for the Racquet Reaction at, Djoko v. Tomic. Del Potro lost just now to the 33-year-old Stepanek, justifying my view yesterday--even though Rich Pagliaro thought otherwise--that it was Radek's good play rather than Dolgo's tanking that produced Steppy's lop-sided win. How dare anyone accuse such a fine upstanding man like Dolgo of tanking. I know I never would. Apparently, Dolgo's suffers from some kind of malady that when he travels long distances in a plane it brings on fatigue. But I must speak of the articles in the Toronto Globe and Mail today about Raonic and Niagara Falls' Frank Dancevic. Raonic was called the young Dancevic, which can't go over too well with Milos, in the way that he's young and the world seems at his feet. Well, I can't find the paper now here in the press room (I'm told that Toronto has four daily newspapers, wow! But the Globe and Mail is actually a national paper--I'm becoming very versed in Canadian culture), but Dancevic at 27 has dropped down in the rankings and still hopes to get into the Top 50. But he's been a big disappointment after beating guys like Roddick. Apparently, he hasn't taken his physical training seriously enough, but Raonic is the exact opposite. He seems mature beyond his years and likes the attention. He'll be way up for a match with Murray if it happens here in the next round. Of course, Dancevic just eloped with a Serbian beauty he met when back in Serbia. I saw this girl in Newport and I almost dropped my computer on my foot. She is ridiculously beautiful and was dressed to the nines. I always say, when you're looking for why most players drop down in the rankings, see if they just got eloped to a Serbian beauty and you'll have a pretty good clue.