safe_image.phpThe obvious pick would be to go with Monfils over Gulbis. The smart pick would be to go with Monfils over Gulbis, but I'm going to go in another direction. I think Gulbis has too much for Monfils, especially on the clay. The way to beat Gulbis here is to loop him and tire him out the way Nadal finally did in Rome. You can't go through Gulbis the way Monfils will try because even with the Frenchman's great speed, he's mostly a straight hitter who doesn't drop shot or come into net much. So I like Gulbis.I'm going to pick another upset for Day 4 and that is the 33-year-old Frenchman, Michael Llodra, upending the 23 year old Canadian, Milos Raonic. I don't like the fact that Llodra as a warmup to the French only played one ATP event, Madrid, where he beat Kubot, but lost to the suddenly-hot Dutchman, Robin Haase, but he did reach the finals in the Challenger in Bordeaux losing in two close sets to Monfils. Llodra is one of those rarities on the tour today; he's a cuss. He picked a fight with Paire in Miami and once almost took off the head of a US Open fan. His father was a pro footballer and I think the way to get under Raonic's skin is to come right at him. Say to the Canadian No. 1, you're going to have to pass me 100 times to beat me. Raonic likes to take over the net, so take the net away from him. Obviously, that's easier said than done against Milos' missile serves, but even at 33, I think Llodra can make things awfully slippery for Raonic. My second choice is for Jan Hajek to hijack Sam Querrey. When in doubt, I always say, pick Querrey to lose in a slam, especially on clay. But I think Sam has too much torque to lose this match. I'd like to go with another French serve and volleyer (who would have thought that the only serve and volleyers on tour these days--there's really only three, Llodra, Mahut and Raonic more than occasionally, would come from French countries rather than the good ole USA?), Nicolas Mahut over Janko Tipsarevic, but I think that might be too far of a stretch as well. Enjoy Gulbis v. Monfils. There could be some major fireworks here.