Israel beat Japan in Japan 3-2 in their tie. Israel doesn't even have one decent player so how did they beat Japan who has two players in the top 50? That's why Davis Cup is fun. Get this: a guy by the name of Amir Weintraub, you ever hear of him? (he's 26 and ranked No. 223) and his mother's not even sure who he is), beat both Ito, No. 70, and in the final clinching match, Soeda, No. 49. That's ridiculous. And get this: Dudi Sela, long-time Israel's best player and Davis Cup hero, didn't win a single match. Yes, Nishikori only played the second round of singles, but this was still an epic win for the Israelis. How about past Davis Cup titans Sweden and Chile getting creamed by Belgium and the Italians, respectively? How the mighty have fallen. I mean Sweden used to have No. 1 players playing for them and now they have guys no one's ever heard of except Andrea Vinciguerra, who seemingly hasn't played a pro match of consequence since the Bush I Administration. Chile's No. 1 player now is Paul Capdeville!The U.S. losing to Spain 3-1, while not a shocker, is a disappointment. Isner and Querrey couldn't be expected to beat Ferrer and Almagro, and they didn't. The U.S. has to field a more formidable singles duo to take advantage of the Bryan Brothers in the last few years of their Davis Cup play. Finally, Roger Federer won two singles matches to clinch Switzerland's win over the Netherlands and Lleyton Hewitt lost to Florian Mayer and Carl Stebe in Australia's loss to Germany. But Hewitt looks like he'll Blake-it and remain on tour while Roddick and Ferrero depart. So the Davis Cup finals is Spain v. Czech Republic. Anyone pining to see that match up?