Marcelo Ríos is an enigmatic character for we the Chileans. In one side, he's by far the most successful sportsman in Chile's history. No one before or after has reached the no. 1 in a professional sport (in Chile, only soccer, tennis, basket and boxing are professional sports) and no one helped more to bring new kids to tennis ...but Ríos (not even Fernando Gonzalez or Nicolas Massú) with his victories in the late 90's. I remember watching tennis on public TV, sometimes at early hours in the morning, and people celebrating every title. When he reached no.1, thousand of people went out to streets to celebrate. He started a new era in Chile's tennis and put it at a world level. That era is coming to its end, sadly, with the retirement of Gonzalez and the slow fall of Massu.But, on the other side, his personality is far from causing the same unanimity. And I think your book is a great picture of that: Ríos personality caused different reactions in every person. The book is also a massive database of facts, anecdotes (the KO on a Miami restaurant!!) and points of view about Rios. There's many stories unknown in Chile, but in some point none of them surprising: we know we can expect everything from Marcelo. And that is what, I think, makes his personality so unique.The rich collection of opinions makes a clear picture of Marcelo. That is what makes the book so necessary for every tennis fan.Sebastián Carrizo AcevedoPeriodista Deportes La Tercera