With the NFL season upon us, I found this old interview in the office archives of a tennis interview with former New York Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn about his interest in tennis. Sehorn played college football at USC and then in the NFL with the Giants from 1994-2002 and then one final season with the St. Louis Rams. An outstanding natural athlete, Sehorn was at one time the only white NFL starting cornerback. His amazing falling, bobbling interception against the Philadelphia Eagles and the ensuing return is one of the most memorable in modern NFL history.Sehorn also earned popularity away from the gridiron. He famously proposed to actress Angie Harmon on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, won the ABC TV Superstars competition three times (against the likes of skier Herman Maier and boxing champ Lennox Lewis), and also worked as a TV sports commentator. During his NFL career, Sehorn scored four NFL touchdowns and recorded 19 interceptions. But Sehorn admits the sport of tennis has been a lifelong challenging activity which he has yet to master...Introduction to tennis: "Just going out there with two racquets, balls, on a sunny afternoon (age 11). Cheap to play. Easy to get a good match going. I guess the funnest thing was hitting home runs over the fence. You could hit those balls far [smiles]."Playing style: "Very aggressive. I like to come to the net. Jumping or diving to hit the ball. I don't stay at the backline too much, or else I'll just hit the ball out or into the net."Strengths of your game: "Serve. I can serve pretty well. I can curve that serve out wide. Or boom it hard."Weakness: "Backhand. And overhead shots. Still haven't mastered them. The ball comes to my backhand and I just don't know what to do."Joy of tennis: "Just running around out there is so much fun. Great exercise. It's a sport where every second of action is exciting."Greatest tennis moment: "Going to the U.S. Open for the first time. Saw Agassi play that guy with the funky hair - Gustavo Kuerten I think. Just seeing how hard they hit every shot. Agassi gets you running with pinpoint accuracy. I was like, Wow! Been back every year since. Saw Serena Williams play the next year."Worst tennis moment: "The fact that I can't play like that [smiles]."Favorite players to watch: "Agassi. Steffi Graf. She's so big and lean. Great physical condition. She just dominated for so long."Equipment: "Prince racquet. Nike shoes, shorts, shirt. Wilson balls."Favorite opponent: "Anybody."Home court: "Just a public court with lights about two blocks from my house."