You faithful readers of know that I like Sam Querrey's game in a big match as much as I like J.R. Smith's, for you chastened Knicks fans out there grieving over the loss of Jeremy Harvard Linsanity. But here I recently was defending Big Sam from the Valley when I saw that Jon Wertheim of wrote that he thought Agnie (ok, I'm not even going to try to finish spelling the rest of her first name) Radwanska was a better player than Sam I Am. Here's the question and response in Wertheim's current weekly mailibog on"You know, I like you a lot and value your opinions, but did you just state in your mailbag that Agnieszka Radwanska is a better player than Sam Querrey? How is that so, if you say Querrey wouldn't drop a game against her in a match? I am not a big fan of Querrey's, but what does Radwanska do on the court, except maybe think and compete, better than Querrey? That's like Avery Johnson saying yesterday that Brook Lopez is one of the top 3-5 centers in the league. Guess he forgot, Howard, Bynum, Hibbert, Chandler, Marc Gasol and even Serge Ibaka."-- Dan Markowitz, Mamaroneck, New YorkWertheim:"JDKFKfkEFhouprhfguehg. Sorry. That was my head hitting the keyboard as I pondered a universe in which Brook Lopez is a top five center. But I digress.Like so much, the discussion turns on semantics. If "better" means "would win head-to-head" then, yes, Querrery is superior. If better means, "competes better" or "has a more complete set of tools" or "thinks better" or "uses more of the court" or "understands rhythm better"... well, you see where I'm going.Again, crossing more sport lines but think about the difference in these two questions: A) Who wins: a Klitschko brother or Floyd Mayweather? B) Who's the better fighter? For that matter: the ponderous seven-foot Brook Lopez or the dynamic six-footer Diana Taurasi -- who's the better player? I know who I would say. (Hint: it's not the player who'd win their one-on-one game?)"Again, I don't like to disagree with Big Jon because he is a tennis pundit of high-order (and I actually believe that I'm not just snowing Jon on the chance that he is a reader, too), but I have to defend Sam. (What has gotten into me?). Yes, I know Aggie just played in the Wimbledon finals and made it interesting against Serena, and Querrey will probably never even make a slam quarters, but Querrey is playing at a much higher level than Aggie. For one, he serves with gusto. And he doesn't hit slice forehands. But Jon, that doesn't mean I'll stop reading your great mailbox each week and won't discuss NBA hoops again with you. Just for the record, I'd take Taurasi over Lopez, too. And maybe even a little Lauren Jackson on the side while we're at it.