Status: ATP #1421. Competed in U.S. Open junior boys draw.DOB: May 6, 1994 In: Canary Island, SpainFirst Tennis Memory: "When I started my tennis education I didn't like tennis very much because soccer was my sport (age 7). I'd only go to tennis two days a week and I was kind of feeling like, 'I want to get out of here to play soccer.'"Tennis Inspirations: "When my brother, who is two years older, he's 20 right now, started tennis, and because my brother was there playing, I started mixing with him. And he had a coach, Ivan Medina, who told me, 'You have all the skills to develop into a good player.' And ever since being with him, 10 years now, he has been my inspiration, as a coach. As a player, Roger Federer is my favorite."Why Do You Love Playing Tennis: "Because I learned to love it. And it's like a means of expression for me to do whatever I can do from the point of view of the court."Greatest Tennis Moment, To This Point: "Without a doubt, the U.S. Open (2012). And not only the two matches that I won, especially the match that was three hours and six minutes, but I played even better against Liam Broady who made the final. I gave him a run for his money. I think my best tennis match was the one that I lost."Most Painful Moment: "Last year I played for the championship of Spain, under 18 years old. I was 17 when I played the final. The opponent (David Jorda) had a huge serve and he played short points. I was getting kind of bored because I like the long rallies. In the last set I lost 6-4. I missed being the champion of Spain, it didn't happen."Strangest Match: "In a final of a junior tournament, it was a big crowd, a very nice setting. They should have canceled the match. I play my best, I was making great points and some spectators would go (soft, light applause). And because the opponent was the favorite, he'd make a mis-hit or a netcord and the crowd would (erupt in celebration). It was on clay. There was a key point in the third set and because it was clay, the ball was clearly out. And I said to come and see the bounce mark. And the umpire said the ball was good. I was basically robbed."First Famous Tennis Player You Met: "Marco Chiudinelli of Switzerland when I was 12. He was 200 ATP or 100 at the time six years ago. He won the Challenger in Tenerife. And he was once #48 or 49 in the ranking but now he's over 100. He just played the qualies of the U.S. Open here. We played a practice, before he was in the final. We only played one tiebreak. And I lost 7-4."Embarrassing Tennis Memory: "About four months ago in Valencia. I played with a very low-ranked player and lost in straight sets. I wanted to leave the court because the opponent wasn't up to par. And at the end I even had the feeling I want to quit the game of tennis. I was double disappointed in myself."Which Match Did You Feel At Your Very Best: "It was in Tunisia, I played a Futures quarterfinal against the #18 junior in the world. At the end of the match I hurt my leg and I couldn't come to the semifinal. It was a Futures - which was a big tournament for me. I won the quarterfinal and the following day I couldn't come to the court. I was crying the night before because I knew I couldn't come to play the semifinal."Racquet Used: "Volkl Organic."Shoes/Attire: "K-Swiss."Other Sponsors: Tenerife Tourism. Great Bay Hotel in Tenerife. Puenta Alta bottled spring water.Favorite Court To Play On: "I remember in Croatia, I got a wildcard into an ATP 250. And I passed the first round and in the second - I knew it was really, really difficult because it was ATP 250 - but I played - it was on clay - and I hate clay. And for me, all was perfect, the weather, the people, the balls. I was winning 5-3 in the first set. But finally I lost 7-6 6-3 to Marco Trungelliti of Argentina."Toughest Competitor Encountered: "An Australian guy (Michael Look) in the Futures tournament. At that tournament in Malaysia, I got my first ATP point. The next match I played the Australian, who was #367 ATP. It was very tough. I was down 0-5 in the first set and eventually I came back and had a set point in the first set. I lost the first set 10-8 in the tiebreaker. And after that I won the second set (6-3) but lost in the third (4-6)."Jose meets Novak Djokovic in the player lounge cafeteria at U.S. Open.Translation assistance from Carlos Di Palma.