Status: Former WTA #1 ranked tennis player. Winner of 12 career singles titles, one doubles and one Wimbledon mixed doubles.DOB: February 28, 1985 In: Belgrade, Serbia What is your first memory of tennis?My father was playing first then I went to watch him play. And then I asked the coach when he finished the practice to hit some balls too. So that was one of my first times with tennis.Who are your tennis inspirations?Monica Seles. She used to be my idol when I was growing up.What are your hobbies and interests?I like to read. Shopping. I like to play basketball, golf, swimming for fun.What is your favourite movie?Gladiator.Your favourite meal?Sushi. Pizza.Favourite ice cream flavour?Chocolate.Describe your pre-match feelings?Just thinking about staying relaxed and focused. Play the game, you talk with your coach, which gameplan you're going with in the match. You just kinda think how you will play and just go in there with a good attitude.What is your greatest sports moment?#1 ranking in the world. Or, actually, finishing the year #1 player in the world in 2008.What's your most painful moment?I don't know, it's tough to say. Getting injured, falling down and really tweaking my ankle. That happened last year. So it took quite a while to come back.What is your favourite tournament?Rome, French Open. Indian Wells. There's a lot of them that I like.What match did you feel your very best, where you felt at your absolute best?It's tough to say. I don't know which match. Every match is different, you do some things well or you could have done some things better. So I never will play like a perfect match because it doesn't exist.Who are your closest friends in tennis?I don't have a best friend. My best friend is from school.Who are the funniest players you have encountered?Who's the funniest...Serena or Kuzutova.What's the last book you read?A Serbian book. I don't know how to translate it.What kind of car do you drive?Porsche.What's a funny memory you have of tennis?It's tough to remember now what was funny on court. One time it was raining, I don't remember against who, in Canada. Canadian Open. And it actually was on TV. And it was on center court. So it started raining. So they had this, not this small umbrella, but this (big one) for the sun. So I didn't know what to do. And it started raining hard. So I just took the whole big thing, you know, and walked out [laughs]. You know, by myself with this huge thing. And it was pretty good because it carried me all - I didn't get wet at all. So that was like pretty funny. One that I remember now. There's probably many more."You have played a lot of matches in your life. What is a strange match that comes to mind? A match that was out of the ordinary?A Fed Cup match in Bulgaria. And it was not like playing a Grand Slam or a big event like this (Miami). So we had to actually pick up our own balls - we didn't have ball kids. So all the sudden, we had our teams cheering, the opponents, all the sudden, it was 4-1 in the first set. Then some guy just comes on the court with a rose. And he gave it to me, the rose. Like in the middle of 4-1, 30-15. And I was like looking, What is going on here? So it was really funny. Did you take the rose?I took it. Then I continued to play. What could I do? Let's go for a dinner now? What do you want from me now [laughs]?!Why do you love playing tennis?I love playing tennis. I love competing. Being in front of crowds and winning matches. And I love the fact, when you work hard and then you go and sometimes when you win tournaments, you lift the trophy, the hard work has paid off. And many things as well. I get to travel the world. I get to meet different people. Different cultures. So all of this, it's kind of - you get all this when you are a professional tennis player.And what qualities do you most admire in other people?Like people with good heart. Who are respectful, who have good family and good education.---------------------------------------------------------