Status: ATP #22 ranked player. Winner of five career ATP singles titles. Helped Spain to win the Davis Cup in 2008 and 2009.Ht: 6-2 Wt: 180DOB: November 15, 1983 In: Madrid, Spain Tennis Inspiration: "I was always dreaming to be a tennis player. And dreaming to be playing this kind of big tournaments. Watching my idol was Andre Agassi when I was 11, 12, 13, I was looking to him, always thinking to be like one of these great players in these tournaments. And try to be the best player I can. I was always trying to be a great player like Agassi, Sampras, Bruguera, was my motivation to one day play this kind of tournament." First Tennis Memory: "I don't remember but I have a video when so young - two-years-old. When I was five, my first club in Madrid, practicing - the first memory that I can remember. My first tournament in Madrid when I was ten - it was so special for me. I think I will never forget. It was strange because I couldn't play the first round because I had to go to the town of my mom that is like three hours away by car. So I was in the tournament where you lose in the first round (consolation) and I won that tournament. I remember this first tournament I played in my life and it was good memories." Hobbies/Leisure Activities: "In general, I like all sports. See Real Madrid when I'm in Madrid. When I stay in the U.S. if I can go to see an NBA match I go for sure. I saw Lakers match two times and Heat match two times too. I would like to go to an American football match or baseball. I like a lot all sports. When I'm at home, out of tennis, go to cinema, stay with friends, family, not do strange things [smiles]." Current Car: "I have Mercedes, I have Audi and I have Lambourghini." Last Book Read: "I read two at the same time. One was DaVinci Code because everybody was telling me it's so good, so good. So I read that one. And I read Pilares de La Tierra - it's a book like a thousand, 300 hundred pages." Favorite Movies: "I love Gladiator and Braveheart and I like Notting Hill but maybe sounds like too lovely [smiles]. It was so good movie, I saw it when I was 15." Musical Tastes: "Gwen Stefani, U2, Enrique Iglesias, Juanes from South America. I like a lot of music, almost everything. No like techno, boom boom boom. No. But disco, R&B, slow music I like a lot." Greatest Moments: "Winning the Davis Cup in 2008 (defeated Argentina's Jose Acasuso to clinch) - it changed my life so much. And gave me a lot of confidence and mentally made me much stronger for these matches. Davis Cup made me much stronger mentally that tie in Argentina makes me grow up a lot like a tennis player. Winning Davis Cup again in 2009 (d. Czech Republic, won clinching doubles match with partner Lopez). And how I played in the matches in Australia (2009), I was playing unbelievable, when I won against Murray and Tsonga. Another special moment for me was at Wimbledon I was feeling pretty good when I won third round against Thomas Berdych 4-4-0. And also with Ancic, the first two sets I was playing unbelievable. And when I beat Ferrero in Valencia, and after I won the tournament he was #3 in the world. And when I beat Roddick in Miami. He retired but for me it was like nothing, I was up 7-6 4-3 up and he retired. So, for me, it was like a huge victory. Of course against Andreev in the finals of Umag ('08) - 7-6 in the third and my second title. Another one so good I have was in...I have one more but I don't remember [smiles]. I don't know. So much. But there were a lot." Most Painful Moment: "One of the most was against Ancic in Wimbledon, fourth round, two sets to one, 4-2 and serve up in fourth and lost 13-11 in the fifth. And against Stepanek too I was two sets to one and 3-love in the fourth up and I finally lost too in five. In Wimbledon too, both in fourth round. I think it was two of my most sad moments in my career. I also have other ones too but these two was really..." Closest Tennis Friends: "I have a good relation with almost all the Spanish players. Feliciano Lopez is maybe the closest one for me because I am so close with his family. I was practicing with his brother when I was young, with his father. We are so close friends. I also know Robredo from like ten years ago. Also Ferrer. Nadal is a big friend. Almost all the players around my age. I'm also very good friends of Djokovic, Seppi, Bolelli and I have good relations with Federer and Blake also." Funniest Players: "Djokovic is always making jokes [laughs]. We are always saying to each other stupid things. I have so much fun with Djokovic." Toughest Competitor: "Nadal of course. His focus is always there. You need to win the point three or four times more than against all other players. The top players - Djokovic, Federer. But there are also many players so tough to beat in general - Argentine players. They are so much fighters, they like so much to fight. And are so tough to play against them, they always fight." Embarrassing Tennis Memory: "This I don't remember. When I'm in the match and maybe the other guy make a joke, I don't pay much attention. I'm focused and I don't think about that too much." Favorite Players To Watch: "I like to watch almost every player. Every player has his good things and his bad things. I like to watch everyone - to learn and improve." Favorite Tournaments: "Like tradition - Wimbledon I think is great, unbelievable. I like to play in Madrid, my hometown. And it's a huge tournament too. Miami I like so much. Roland Garros. U.S. Open. There are a few tournaments so good." People Qualities Most Admired: "I like normally people with good heart. I'm like so family-oriented person, I like people who like to be with family. How to say caranoso in English (affection). When you like to be with your family, you like a good person. Like lovely person [laughs]."