P1010765Tomas Berdych says that he's only been tested twice in the past four years outside of competition sites. For anyone who thinks tennis has any kind of thorough anti-doping program, this fact (that a Top 10 player has only been tested twice in four years) should cast great doubt in that belief. “The system right now… I don’t know how it works with the others but with me, it does not work at all,” the Czech told Reuters in an interview at the Monte Carlo Masters this week. “You have to say every single day… where you are. I’ve done this for three or four years already and I had only two tests out of the tournaments,” Berdych said. “So why do I have to do this all the time and then they come twice in four years? It’s just like complete nonsense.” Under International Tennis Federation (ITF) rules, players must give their location for at least one hour of each day in case they are required for an out-of-competition drugs test, usually by means of a urine sample. “If some people were hired to think about that and have come up with this kind of idea, if it was me, I would have fired them straight away,” Berdych said. “This system is a complete disaster. So whatever they’re going to do differently, it’s going to be good, new or whatever.”(Photo by Scoop Malinowski)