Have you taken a look at the draw for the Rogers Cup this week in Montreal? It spells out the woeful tale of the current state of men's American tennis. Mardy Fish, Michael Russell, Michael Yani and Alex Bogomolov Jr. are the only four entries from the U.S. And the last three had to qualify to get in. I mean look at this group. Bogomolov has had a nice resurrection from teaching tennis in the Hamptons just a couple of summers ago, but he's better known as being Mr. Ashley Harkleroad. Russell is 33, a bulldog, but he left his best tennis on the French Open stadium court ten years ago against Kuerten. Yani is pushing 30 and is a life-long Challenger player.There's no Andy Roddick, out with an oblique muscle strain, no Isner, Harrison, Blake, Young or even Querrey. Wow, couldn't Johnny Mac make the doubles return he proclaimed he still could make in the Men's Journal article out on the newsstands? (Btw, why does Mac always sound so addled in these major zine profiles? There's an embarrassing segment in this piece showing Mac cow-tailing to his wife, Patty Smythe, about forgetting to buy tickets for some event). Heck, Sampras could probably beat every one of the four Americans in Montreal including Fish, who had a ridiculous comment yesterday.A scribe asked him if he can win a major and Mardy replied, "I certainly think it can happen." C'mon Mardy, you're losing to Gulbis and having a heck of a time beating Isner this summer, you really think you can win a major?Hope springs eternal, but not for the Americans in Montreal this week. (Photo credit: Henk Abbink)