I have never seen a tennis player suffer in agony like Michelle Larcher De Brito tonight at the U.S. Open qualies. Larcher was winning her match against Elena Svitolina comfortably, up 6-2 5-0 with a match point - to reach the third and final round of qualies.But she blew the match point and the next eight games, before inevitably losing the match. She was broken at 4-all and cried at her changeover chair into a towel. She cried earlier in the match and also in her narrow first round win on Tuesday.But this time it was worse. Far worse. A 5-love lead was blown. Svitolina served for the match and after each point she won in the game, Larcher seemed to pause and cry. Then she'd refocus and try again. She could not escape her fate though. Svitolina was a little stronger, a little better. After match point, Larcher fell to her knees at the baseline and wept uncontrollably for a good 20 seconds. Her conqueror waited at the net to shake hands but Larcher ignored her and the chair umpire, and in complete agony and tears, she picked up her bags and got out of there. Absolutely and totally devastated. I've never seen a player so completely shattered by a loss, well, wait a second, maybe Lisicki when she blew the match against Zvonareva at the French Open last year. That was difficult to watch. But Lisicki somehow managed to rebound from that defeat and became an impact player. Larcher, once a hyped future star after a positive losing performance to Serena years ago, has been trying for years to be an impact player on the WTA tour and so far she has come up short. She is ranked #118 now and has earned over $400,000 in prize money but she only has just over 20 career WTA level wins so far. Her career high ranking was #76 in July 2009. To her credit, she is a relentless fighter, never gives up and tries as hard as any player in the sport ever did. She pumps fists after almost every point, she implores herself on constantly, using up so much energy on self motivation antics. Though the decibel level of her screaming and grunting was not as loud as it once was. But the problem is she doesn't have a big weapon, just a bulldog mentality and a good consistency from the backcourt. The crowd watching the match did not get behind her at any point, which certainly did not help her cause. Poor Michelle, fought her heart out, but she was all alone out there with nobody in her corner.Larcher De Brito is 19 now and you have to wonder if she will ever be able to overcome a tragic loss like this one. 5-love lead and match point but she could not close it out. Once again failing to make the main draw at the U.S. Open (she has made it twice). You have to wonder how many more chances will she get, and even if she does, will she be able to improve her game and weapons to threaten the top players? It was disturbing and painful as an observer to see a tennis player endure such enormous suffering like Larcher De Brito did tonight, right before our eyes. You wondered, if she might even jump a bridge tonight. Or do something drastic. After so many years of disappointing results, so many heartbreaking losses, will she be able to regalvanize herself and pick up the pieces after what is perhaps the worst loss of them all? If she can it will be a wonderful story, one of the great comebacks of this sport. I love tennis and everything about it, but what I saw tonight was one of the saddest things I have ever seen inside the sporting arena. This was the brutal, heartbreaking agony of defeat, in living color.