Age started tennis: "Six...five...four...three..."First tennis memory: "Hitting balls in Brockton, Mass. Because I didn't know baseball, boxing. Because I didn't know which one I'd choose. Ended up tennis."Tennis inspiration: "Player? Pete Sampras."Favorite all time player: "Agassi. Charisma. Results. Cool."Pre-match meal: "Moon pie and spaghetti [smiles]."Pre-match superstition: "Turn my phone off, that's normal."What training do you do between tournaments: "Running down the halls of the mall. Or an airport terminal."Typical breakfast: "Cream brule French toast [laughs]."Toughest part of being a tennis player: "Well, being Vince Spadea is the toughest part. But being a tennis player...trying to win."What do you do to relax: "I get a massage. Go to Hawaii."Favorite film: "Goodfellas."What car do you drive: "Mercedes, black tinted windows."Toughest man you faced: "Federer. (Why?) Good forehand, good serve."Last place you went on vacation: "Vegas."Where do you train: "I train at Chris Evert's academy."